Love The Latte Lifestyle? Why I Do Not Drink Much Milk

After putting my thoughts into a recent article on soy lattes, the topic of milk in general started to pop up and just like soy; milk is a heavily debated topic for sure.

The one thing I envisioned when I started writing was to create awareness on health and hopefully attract like-minded people who contributed with feedback. All questions and comments are encouraged and whilst I’m clearly passionate about health I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do my best when I can.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand! Why I don’t drink much milk…


I’m clearly a fan of the ‘latte lifestyle’ and if I had my way, I’d hang out and work in a cafe most days! I’m wary when it comes to milk consumption and I only have one flat white a day with milk. I don’t use milk in my supplement shakes or porridge etc… and here’s why:

I’m not here to convince you as to whether you should drink milk or not but simply create awareness to explore avenues. There’s an argument within itself if we should even be consuming milk as humans. Some say it should stop after breastfeeding, others say we’ve been having it for thousands of years. A bit like vegetarianism, there’s a whole host of conflicting evidence flying around on which is best… healthy debates indeed!

But for me personally, I like to look at the common sense approach and the certain facts that concern me:


Whether we’ve been drinking milk for thousands of years or not, it’s fair to say before industrialization, if we wanted milk we would have probably strolled out to the back yard and milked the cow ourselves. Times have seriously changed and milk is BIG business.

Milk is a derivative of a cow, and as far I’m concerned the quality of the milk depends greatly on the condition of the cow, and the environment it’s kept in.

Did you know the average cow was recorded back in 1930 to only be able to produce roughly 1.5 liters a day. According to the article from “Weston A Price” – Back in 1930, the average dairy cow produced 12 pounds (about a gallon and a half) of milk per day. In 1988, the average was 39 pounds (4.5 liters) per day. This was accomplished by selective breeding to obtain dairy cows that produced a lot of pituitary hormones, thereby generating large amounts of milk. But the industry was not satisfied with this output. Today rBGH, a synthetic growth hormone, is used to get even more milk out of the dairy cows, bringing the average up to 50 pounds (6 liters) of milk per day. This is done to meet the ever-increasing demands of milk and to make more money.

Not to mention the feed, cows eat grass right? No, the majority are fed on corn! So what impact does this have on the cow? The milk? The beef?

A great resource on commercial farming is the movie “Food Inc.”

All these things concern me and this alone puts me off drinking too much commercial milk. There are many articles and resources worth checking out on this topic.


There’s a continuous war going on whether we should be pasteurizing milk or not. Pasteurization is set out to accomplish two things: Destruction of certain disease-carrying germs and the prevention of souring milk. The milk is heated to a high temperature for up to half an hour and kills everything dead.

The heating is indiscriminate and kills all nutritional benefits along with positive bacteria.

If you are drinking milk for its calcium, you should consider what extreme heat/pasteurization does to milk. According to the Dr Mercola website – Probably pasteurization’s worst offence is that it makes insoluble the major part of the calcium contained in raw milk.

Weston A Price – We have all been led to believe that milk is a wonderful source of calcium, when in fact, pasteurisation makes calcium and other minerals less available. Complete destruction of phosphatase is one method of testing to see if milk has been adequately pasteurized. Phosphatase is essential for the absorption of calcium.

From what I’ve researched, literally dozens of other precious enzymes are destroyed in the pasteurisation process, without them milk is very difficult to digest. How many people do you know who are lactose intolerant? This just makes me wonder whether people are intolerant to lactose or actually intolerant to what we are doing to the milk.


I’m surprised how many people consume milk and don’t know what this means. Do you remember a time when the cream used to sit on the top of the milk? Back in Wales when growing up we had to put stones on top of the milk bottles when delivered otherwise the birds would peck the top and drink the cream. You got fat chance of this happening these days, why? It’s Homogenization.

If you look at a clear milk carton these days, you’ll see there is no cream at the top and that it’s been evenly dispersed evenly throughout the milk.

Homogenization breaks the fat into smaller sizes so it no longer separates, allowing the sale of non-separating milk at any fat specification. This is done by mixing massive amounts of milk to create a constant, then forcing the milk at high pressure through small holes. They do this because it prevents creating various levels of flavor and fat concentration. It is also cosmetically appealing.

The Risk?

Surprise… but there’s a war going on regard homogenization. There are claims that milk homogenization affects the development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, milk allergy and milk intolerance, Type I diabetes or Type II diabetes.

Whether you believe this or not, I feel that the moment you mess around with food and start highly processing it, it will have its consequences. I don’t like the idea of this and I stay away from it when I can.


There are a lot of alternative milk products available these days, from almond milk, oat milk rice milk, soy milk etc. These warrant their own posts, but check the labels as they usually taste pretty bad and are highly sweetened. They certainly don’t help the cause of the latte lifestyle.

Raw milk may you may ask?

I can only speak for myself here. When I started to really pay attention to what was happening to our milk, I switched to raw milk (Cleopatra’s bath milk). Yes bath milk! It’s called this as it’s illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption. If caught you’ll be treated like a drug smuggler!

I generally don’t drink much milk at all these days, but I drank raw milk for years with no problems. I’ve even known people who are lactose intolerant to drink it with no reaction. Should you drink it? Research first would be my advice. I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to milk with this article!

As for the latte lifestyle? If you asked for raw milk flat white they would think you’ve just escaped from an asylum! For me? Long black it is!

Thoughts? If you have any comments or helpful resources, would love to hear them.

Leeds Cafe Reviews – Yorkshire Pudding? How About That For Breakfast!

Here follows my guide to the five best cafes in Leeds. Heyup, is that Freddie Flintoff over there behind the mashed potato?

Panini Sandwich Bar

Fill up your panini with any number of rare and imaginative fillings – dependable brie, ostentatious smoked duck, and the real melt in your mouth alpine salami and tomatoes with shredded basil and just a drizzle of olive oil. This place does the simple sandwich a real favour and pepps it up, just for you. Mmm!


Bang in the city centre is the Mecca for all things flatbread. Fill it, fold it, heat it, seal it, get it down your throat! You can charge up on all kinds of meal-based flat fillings like chilli con carne, curried chicken, or even just a simple lemon and sugar pancake. The point is that this place offers something unique and appetizing which you won’t forget in a hurry. Make the pilgrimage.


How fat is your wallet? Don’t worry, it needn’t be bulging, but if the tummy’s rumbling and you don’t mind treating it to finer fodder at the cost of an extra quid or two, then this is your lunch date for today. The sandwiches are custom tweaked to suit your taste. The fillings work well together. The staff know what they’re doing, and know how to advise someone who can’t make their mind up because frankly there is too much yummy gear on offer. Spend a few extra pennies, you won’t be disappointed.

Salvo’s Salumeria

A salumeria is literally a ‘cured meat shop’. Italians love this kind of a sign on a street, because it tells them this is a delicatessen of the highest order. If they are Sicilian, as is the case of the owners of this wonderful café on the Otley Road, then they will know they are dealing with the pinnacle of fine foods, because Sicilian food is quite simply the best. Top off your fresh lasagna or pollo al linguine with caffe and biscotti, or if you’re feeling really dangerous (no horse’s heads) a glass of sweet Marsala.

Harvey Nichol’s Espresso Bar

WAG watchers’ heaven. Painful though it may be to advertise a place that belongs to a large chain, in this case there is no other option. Harvey Nicks is where the most beautiful vulgarity in all of Leeds is most commonly on display. So whether you’re drumming up bravery to go and ask someone who looks like Jermaine Beckford’s wife, or just fancy a delicious Danish and coffee while your heels and Gucci handbag take ten minutes off, you’ll enjoy a lovely gossip in stylish surroundings and service from the top drawer.

The Food Diary Anchor

A personal diary is a record of the important events of the day and your feelings. As you read over the entries you made in the past, you can relive some of those events. In fact some diaries have been the resources of books penned by people.

A food diary is no different except that the entries are the types of food you eat each day.

Why is it good to have a food diary?

This is especially useful if you are on a weight loss program. It also shows you when you ate and what you ate at particular times of each day. It tells you if you have eaten too much or if you have eaten the wrong type of food.

It is a good tool to help you lose weight.

How do you start a food diary?

Begin by having a book which you can write in as well as put in pictures. Personalise it. You can decorate its cover so that it looks attractive. On the first page you may want to place your photograph, to record how you looked like before beginning your weight loss program. Record your weight and your measurements, arms, chest, waist and hips.

It would be good to have columns where you enter the week, ( week 1 & the dates), the day, meal times, the type of food you ate, the quantity, estimated number of calories, the type of drinks and the quantity. You can also have an optional column for the cost of the meal. This will help you to have a clearer picture of where your money went to.

At the beginning of each week record your weight and your measurements. Note the time that you weighed yourself and took your measurements. This is important because you want to weigh and measure yourself at the same time each week. Then it will be a consistent record.

What benefits will you get out of keeping a food diary?

Firstly, it is a record of your weight loss journey. It will show your achievements along the way. There will be a record of when you first lost weight and how much you lost.

The purpose of recording the types of food and drinks you consumed is to let you know which types of food you like to eat and whether or not they affected your weight loss progress. It will also let you know if you have over eaten ( the number of calories), and if you have eaten too many times in a day!

You will also know if you are eating the right type of food at the different times of the day. Are you eating too much meat and too little vegetables and fruit? How many cakes did you eat during that week? How was the food cooked? Steamed, fried or boiled? Did you eat out or at home?

An analysis of your food diary will tell you if you are eating the wrong types of food and where your extra weight is coming from. It will show you where you need to cut down on the high calorie food or fattening food.

By looking at your food diary for a couple of weeks, you can begin to plan your meals. You can decide on what you will eat for the following week. You can decide what type of snacks you will have on which day, whether you will have fish or chicken for dinner, whether you will have a salad or sandwiches for lunch.

You can plan if you want to bring food from home or buy out or eat at a cafe.

By following your meal plan, your weight loss program will be more structured and consistent. It will be easier for you to adhere to.

If something happens and you cannot keep to the plan, you should note it down in your food diary. Record what took place and what you ate.

When you achieve a midway target, for example losing 5 lbs at the end of two weeks, highlight that achievement. Put a picture or an avatar there to congratulate yourself.

After you have lost 10 lbs, take a photograph of yourself and paste it in your diary. Then you can compare the first photo of yourself at the beginning of your diary and the latest one. The difference will be obvious and this will be a big motivation for you to continue with your weight loss.

Do not forget to write down your feelings when you learn you have lost weight. At the same time you can also record how you felt when you had to stop eating your favorite ice cream and chocolates. Reading these at a later period will make you remember your weight loss journey and the milestones along the way. In the future, your food diary can even be a reference for a friend who wants to lose weight.

3 Fast Food Restaurant Tips to Maintain Getting Rid of Tummy Fats

While getting rid of tummy fats, the biggest problem stopping us from succeeding may be caused by our friends. We all like to find a restaurant or cafe, sit down and chat about the good old times, and consume plenty of unhealthy food as well. This could seriously prevent you from seeing any success. So the best way will be to know what food to eat and avoid in fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Burger Meals

Eat the burger but avoid the fries. If you realize, that piece of meat you are eating may not be the best meat you have ever tasted, but it will not be as bad to consume it. The killer comes in the form of french fries, dipped in hot boiling oil and plenty of salt to kill your diet. Another item to destroy your diet is drinking soft drinks. Stick to juices or if you really need to quench your thirst for coke, try drinking diet coke instead.

Fried Chicken

Restaurants like KFC allows you to choose between having original or crispy style chicken parts. Always try to order the original recipe rather than the crispy chicken. If you order crispy chicken, just think of the amount of flour and how they are fried. Another point to take note is to avoid eating the skin (no matter how delicious they are). And to dispel another myth, many people thinks that by having coleslaw, you will be considered as dieting. Bad news, coleslaw may even add more fats to your diet.

Recommended: Sandwich Cafe

The best place to bring your friends for a school gathering will be to recommend some health theme cafes that sells salad and sandwiches. With steam meat and plenty of vegetables in your sandwich, it is one of the best ways to start your diet as a sandwich will include all the proteins and fiber that you need. And it is considered as the lazy man’s first step towards dieting. Restaurants like Subway do offer pretty good sandwiches that are not flattening and does help to fill your stomach.

As more people begin to take note of their health, plenty of restaurants are changing their menu and providing more healthy choices for people. So if you are getting rid of tummy fats now, there is no excuse to fail.

Cafe Timer – 10 Dos and Dont’s For Installing Cafe Timer Software

Anywhere you have unattended computers like Internet café, public kiosk workstation or computer class, many times you need to use a café timer.

Now, if you are asking: “Cafe what? huh?”, café timer is simply a program, installed on all your computers.

This piece of software locks and unlocks your workstation according to how much time people can to use your computer. For example in any Internet café, you would usually approach a cashier and ask to use a computer for a certain time. Most of the time, cashier will give you a code, that works like one of those telephone calling cards. You punch in the code and it will let you work for say 10 minutes and then lock you out.

I would say this software is a must, because you don’t want to run around counting how much each person has to pay you, by hand. It’s horrible. What’s even more horrible is have to pay somebody to do it for you manually.

Guess what you will be doing all day, if you do not have this software?

One of these two things:

  1. Running around after people and
  2. Arguing about the charges you need to apply to their credit cards.

Perhaps it is fun up to some point, if you have two computers and you like talking to your customers all the time.

If you have twenty… Forget it.

Now, that we got this out-of-the-way, let’s look at what you should and should not do with café timer.

Definitely use a professional software specifically designed for this purpose.

It is very convenient and saves you a lot of problems.

I mean, I don’t even know how to do it any other way to be honest. How can you efficiently lock people out of your computer after some time without a special software. So you do need that… Check!

Do configure your workstation with a strong security in mind

Always make sure your Windows user that executes everything does not have any admin or power user privileges. You do NOT want that. There is never any justification for that, any software should run under a regular user. In fact, create the most limited user you can make and do not let any access to your disk except read only access to Windows system directories. I show you how to do it in my café software secrets email series.

Do NOT rely entirely only on your café timer.

I mean it’s good piece of software, but it doesn’t replace an anti-virus. Nor does it replace a backup. Trust me, nothing replaces backup, because If you are like me and you never do any backups, you will be very, very, VERY sorry one day. I have been there, I know.

Do check and clean your registry from time to time.

Running timer software and other programs will clutter your registry. I show you a good, free registry cleaner in my email series, so go sign up, download it and use it. There is no excuse not to.

Do use screen lock feature of your café management program.

This feature provides a more secure option for controlling your systems and does not allow users to use the computers at all without the screen-lock being deactivated. This golden feature will allow you to sit planted on your chair instead of running around.

Do lock your computer box in a table.

There are “shut down” and “restart” buttons there usually. Although café software will recover from lost power, why risk it? I found my clients had less hardware problems and service interruptions when you lock your computers up. Make sure you have adequate ventilation in the box, otherwise, you will fry your computers very quickly. So give then a breather.

Do consider installing a close circuit camera in the room where computers are…

At least keep this in mind for the future. I do know a few people, where it came in very handy (they asked me not to go into details about their stories, but lets just say it saved them many fees in lawyer’s fee). You do not have to watch and record every computer, but at least the room is nice. No need for minute details.

Do integrate your timer software with your cash register.

Use it, you will not regret it. When the client pays for everything, it will just generate a key for him to unlock a workstation.

Do use up-sells and cross sells.

This is a sneaky trick all marketers use. You can literally double or triple the value of each of your customer by using that single trick. They bought a cup of coffee? Excellent! How about a doughnut to go with it? And since you will be drinking coffee and eating your doughnut, would you like to check your email or access the Internet while you are at it?

See where I am getting at? Offer a price cheaper, than he would otherwise get buying those items separately.

Do buy a rugged keyboard and mouse.

Even if your sign says: “No food and drinks beyond this point”, be ready, that a lot of people will ignore it. If you invest in rugged keyboard and mouse, you will not even have to put up a sign. If they spill coffee or juice on your keyboard – no problem. You can just wash it with soap and in 5 minutes it’s gone.